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Going Back In Time Can Ruin Reality – Or You Can Make It Rain Donuts

Post hypnotic suggestions are one of the reasons people love watching a skilled stage hypnotist. But you can easily drop in post hypnotic suggestions in your conversations by cleverly using hypnosis in a way nobody will notice. Until they start obeying your post hypnotic suggestions.

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Everybody Loves A Hero – So Why Not Be One?

We all love super heroes, especially if they follow the mythical hero’s journey. Most people think this can only come in well written books, movies and TV shows. But you can deliver the same story structure within every conversation you have.

Four Essential Skills From NLP

These Are The Four Essential Skills from NLP You’ll Ever Need If You Want To Be Insanely Persuasive and Seductive

NLP is filled with mythology and a lot of metaphysical hoey. In reality, if you want to use NLP for any kind of persuasive communication, then there are really only four skills you need to know. And those four skills take a few minutes to learn, but a lifetime to practice.

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How To Deliver Deep Truths About The Human Spirit

Most of the most important lessons of life are very simple. But they aren’t taken seriously when they are tossed around. One way is to present them in a story. But you’re at a party, you can’t really jump into a conversation with, “Once upon a time…” but you can have a character in your story (which could be another character inside that story) tell the truth. And it will have a profound impact on your listeners, both the ones inside the story and the ones listening to your story about the story. And everybody else as well.

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The Most Powerful Kind Of Hypnosis Is The Kind You Never Notice

Most people who want to learn hypnosis are intending to put people INTO trances, to make more money or have more sex or have more fun. But consider it might be much easier to take yourself OUT of hypnosis to get those very same things (one at a time or all at once…). Once you are OUT of hypnosis, it’s much easier to put people INTO hypnosis.

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How To Give Them Advice So They’ll Take It

If you want somebody to take your advice, the last thing you want to do is give it to them directly. You’ve got to deliver it like an Easter egg, and get them to find it on their own. That way it won’t be your advice, it will be their discover. This, of course, implies you have worthy advice to give, which is another story altogether.

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Why We All Hate To Get Advice

Whenever you give somebody else unasked for advice, it is another way of saying, “My way of doing whatever it is you are doing is better than your way of doing whatever it is you’re doing.” Nobody likes to be told they are “doing it wrong.” Instead, give them the gift of discovering your wisdom on their own.

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Straight Up Advice Rarely Works – Here’s A Better Way

If you can lead people on epic adventure, they’ll love every second of it. If you take wrap any idea inside that adventure, they’ll not only believe it, but they’ll think of it as their own discovery and will defend it with their lives. This is a fantastic way to deliver propaganda, or take over a country.