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All Game Is Reverse Engineered Behavior Of Naturals

If you want to develop deep natural levels of seductive powers, you need to practice the right thing. Practicing surface structure techniques will only get you so far.

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How You Talk About Girls Reveal How You Feel About The Process

There is tons of truth hidden in between the words and sentences we use to describe what we want. But if we use our words correctly, they will incite the very emotions in others that we seek.

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How To Tell Her Stories That Will Make Her Want More

If you are overt, you can get away if you’ve got a lot of others things going on. But if you tell her stories in the right way that contain the right emotions that she can resonate with, she’ll experience something no other guy can give her.

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You Can Get Anybody To Do Anything So Long As It’s Their Idea

If you walk up and start running game on any girl, she’ll know what you are up to. Even if it works, she’s always going to perceive it as your idea, which means she’ll always expect you to do the work of keeping it going. Consider doing the opposite. Of convincing her it’s really her idea to get interested in you.

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Most Guys Do All The Work From The Beginning – This Sets A Bad Precedent

Short term strategies are never good for long term results. If you talk to a girl like all the other guys talk to her, she won’t help but to put you in the same category in her mind as all the other guys. That means you’ll always have competition. Unless you use the Monty Python Technique.

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The Best Romantic Events Are Those That Happen Spontaneously

It’s very hard for humans to be congruent when we’ve got ulterior motives. So if you are running any kind of conscious game, she’s going to know what you’re after. That’s if you want short term fun, but what if you want something longer?

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I’m Not Going To Explain How Easy It Is To Seduce Nearly Anybody

If you tell somebody what you are not going to do and then do it anyway it might work a lot better than telling them exactly what you are going to do but not do it very well, especially if that what you are doing is something that should be left unsaid anyway. After all, when writing fiction, it’s better to show and not tell. And stories are a great way to anybody’s heart.