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Your Greatest Gift Is What You Can Imagine

Einstein said imagination is everything. Napoleon Hill wrote that thoughts are things. Athletes have known for centuries that the more they visualize an outcome, the more likely it will happen. You might want to consider practicing your hallucination skills.

How To Rearrange Your Thoughts | Mind Persuasion Archives

Most People Think The Same Thoughts In The Same Order. You Don’t Have To

You not only have infinite thinking capacity, but you can organize all these potentially infinite ideas into different combinations. Most people never even scratch the surface of what their own brains are capable of.

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It’s A Common Idea That We Only Use A Small Percent Of Our Brain

You only use a small percent of your brain. This sort of suggests that if we could use more of our brain, we’d be more successful, right? Not so fast. We also only use 10 percent of our muscles. But the part they usually leave off is that we only use ten percent of our brain/muscles at any given time. But this doesn’t mean we can use that small percent much more effectively.