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How To Keep Your Future In Your Pocket

What is money? It is potential energy for stuff. What stuff? Stuff that exists, and stuff that doesn’t yet exist. The more money you earn and save, the more yet-to-be-invented stuff you can buy.

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The Secret To Any Success Is A Willingness To Fail

Nobody likes to fail, ever. Yet at the same time, learning how to do things require that we go through the trial and error process. The best way to learn things is by experience, and experience only comes with getting something other than what you want. The more you are willing to fail, the more likely you’ll eventually succeed.

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Turn On Your Efficiency Machine

Everybody knows what ROI means when it comes to investing or advertising. If you can get back out more than you put in, you’re doing pretty good. But what if you could measure the ROI of you’re thinking? Then you could focus on productive, profitable thoughts and stop thinking negative, money losing and time wasting thoughts.