Should vs Is

One Feels Good But Is Useless – The Other Takes Time But Makes Life Exciting

Two basic mindsets of life. One seems awesome but is paradoxically extremely limiting. The other is terrifying but is paradoxically very freeing. Click to read more.

Why Junk Food Tastes Good | Mind Persuasion

We Eat Food Because It Tastes Good – That’s What Worked In The Past

Way back in the day, we had two rules for food. If it tastes good, eat it. If if it tastes good, eat as much as you can. This worked for hunter gatherers, but not so much for us modern people. Unfortunately, there are plenty of other modern instincts that could use some re-calibration.

How To Ditch Scarcity For Good | Mind Persuasion Archives

The Source Of All Dating Problems For Men Is Fear

When you are afraid, it’s very hard not to be operating from a scarcity mindset. What makes this even worse is most guys are terrified of admitting they are scared, even to themselves. But if you vanish the fear, you will vanish every other issue with dating.