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How do you make an impression on somebody? There are plenty of theories. But lets take a step back and see what that means. Theres a time when they dont know you. Then they interact with you. Then theres a later time when that interactions is only a memory….Click To Read Full Post


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Im a big fan of Star Trek. Well, not really a huge fan, and not for all Star Trek. I like some of the shows, and not others. Some of the movies, but not others. In one of the series, they had a woman that was an empath. Click To Read Full Post

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I’ve taken a few acting classes in my time. One of the more interesting ones was an improv class. But it wasn’t like comedy improv. It was improv to build in the feeling of spontaneity. Everybody knows that when they go to see a play, the actors are all delivering…Click To Read More

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People who follow Dale Carnegies advice run into a common problem. Dale Carnegie was the guy who wrote How To Win Friends and Influence People. He also had a HUGE public speaking business back in the day. If you want ONE simple practice that can improve many unexpected areas, public speaking is i…