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We All Have Tons of People Telling Us What To Do – But No True Leaders
Everybody is able to list tons of people whose orders they have to follow. But few people have somebody in their lives they enjoy leading. Why not cultivate the qualities of a true leader?

How To Radiate Black Belt Linguistic Energy | Mind Persuasion

Most People Learn Martial Arts Hoping They’ll Never Need Them

There are many things we keep around just in case. First aid kit in the trunk. Bug out bag in the closet. Hidden candy at work in case we get stuck late. But some of the most powerful emergency set of skills you can develop are how you use your words defensively to stop any boundary invasion cold.

How To Radiate Attractive Energy | Mind Persuasion

Sometimes guys get angry because a girl flashes signals from across the room, but when he approaches he gets shot down. What’s really going on is you look attractive to her when you are across the room, but the closer you get (and the more nervous you get) the less attractive you become. The trick is to maintain the same outer energy no matter what you’re doing.